Writing Workshops

That’s All She Wrote

A four-week writing workshop for moms
looking to reconnect to their inner voice.

Are you wondering if there is more to life than cleaning up after little ones, wrangling pets and picking up socks? Look no further! That’s All She Wrote is a 4-week exploration into writing designed to help you reclaim your creativity, build community, and envision your creative path forward.

This workshop is for moms of all ages looking to find their story and reconnect to their power in a safe space of creative women using the limitless potential of the written word. Beyond writing discussions, we will explore strategies for creating space to write, writing as self-care, and tapping into your muse. All writing levels (no experience necessary).

Week 1               Your roots and your passion (who are you – not whose mom are you!)

Week 2               Finding inspiration in the everyday (Ode to Chores)  

Week 3               Who are you now (the bridge from womanhood to motherhood)

Week 4               Writing the Movie of Your Life (vision board your creative path)

Each week we will:

·      explore essays and poetry by women authors

·      learn techniques to become stronger writers

·      write from a weekly theme

·      share your work with the group

 The Movie of My Life 

  A 2-hour poetry workshop for moms.

Leave the kids at home and take a deep dive into the power of poetry!

·       Connect with a creative community

·       Read and discuss work by women poets

·       Explore poetry writing techniques

·       Uncover your personal story

·       Find out why the smallest detail has the biggest impact

Showing up for yourself is at the heart of living an authentic life.  Mom-life makes this especially challenging because our kids need us – all the time.  In this workshop, take some time to reconnect to your inner Sappho, and leave with words that reflect your personal story. Moms of all ages. All writing levels (no experience necessary).




       “…In the movie of my life

            I can chop vegetables really fast

            I’m never late

            And I’m never sorry

            Because I always do the right thing...”  

——The Movie of My Life

Writing Workshops for Kids and Teens

Through workshops and school collaborations, I design programs that hold the space for young creatives to find their unique voice through word games, peer review, open mics and publication. Create a story with a treasure hunt...craft a poem from photographs...story grab bag...metaphor wars....To find out more, or to book Miss Bren to light up your classroom with creativity, email: brenda(AT)brendakahn.com (or fill out the contact HERE)


Wednesday nighT Writing workshop
At Turn the Page, Emmaus, PA

Ongoing writing workshop for middle grade kids (ages 9-12). Kids work on original writing using word games to inspire their personal stories. At the end of class we share our work and talk about our writing. This is not a technical writing class, but we do pick one topic of grammar or technique to use in our writing each week.  The focus is on storytelling and creativity.  First class is always free. Class runs in six week sessions.. Sign up through Turn the Page for Kids  ADMIN@TTPSUCCESS.COM 

brenda kahn: visiting artist

brenda kahn: visiting artist