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Ode to Chores:
The Good, The Bad and The Laundry

Poems about parenting, womanhood, children, pets, and the life and times of moms on call 24/7.

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Ode to Chores

When the Good Lord in his wisdom, Hark!

Said, “Separate the light from dark”


He clearly didn’t see that time

Would be a scarce resource to find


I throw my clothes-wash in by person

Lest my crazed schedule worsen


If I put in dark and later light

Lord knows, I’d be doing wash all night!


Now let’s take a look at dishes

Yes! I want to save the fishes


But the washer needs to run,

Each night, or mornings won’t be fun


There will be no little spoons, I trust

And everyone will miss the bus


And who is it who said that

If we bought a tabby cat


They would surely clean the litter

A chore which leaves me slightly bitter


Babies while they make a mess,

Their culinary interests


Are simple, older kids, not so,

They complicate things as they grow


Til no meal happens by the book

Less dinner, more short order cook.


One says too sweet, one says no crust

One spits it out with disgust


And if you find a way to wrangle

Your whole brood to the table


One eats fast the other slow

Every answer; “I don’t know”


Lordy what’s a mom to do

With such a cantankerous crew?


But I digress, our topic here

Is what to do with soccer gear


Piles of cleats, and sticks lacrosse

And other sporty stuff to toss


But instead I make a bin

Label it, and throw stuff in


So take a cue from my girl Eve

If you feel a sudden pull to leave


You are not the only one

Chores are simply not that fun.


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The Keys to All the power

The first one in the shower

Holds the keys to all the power


For this citizen decides

To be benevolent or cruel


Will his rein be one of mercy

A regime of law and rule


Or will a dearth of heated water

Go down the drain with his endeavor


To be clean as a whistle

Pray he settles for some gristle


Behind a little toe

Or a left or right side ear


For a benevolent commander

In the shower won’t meander


He believes that others aught

To have some water that is hot!


Fathers are a fence

Fathers are a fence

You climb over

Hang around on

Lean on when you’re tired

Perch on in fair weather

Use to check your balance

Will not fall or break

No matter where you wander

Or how big a mistake

Fathers are there

When you return

In disrepair

And set their coffee

On the porch

Or pull up the old porch chair

And wait quietly

For words

You shuffle feet and stare

A father is a mountain

Sturdy as a bear

Stoic and heroic

Tells it to you straight

A shoulder you can cry on

Shoes that you can try on

Someone you can love

And someone you can hate

Fathers are a fence

You climb over

Hang around on

Hold to keep you steady

Will not fall or break

Teach you to be reckless

Teach you to be kind

Lift you up so you can see

A father is the man

One day you will be