The Reluctant Reader

You say you hate to read
But Oh!
You cannot know
My darling boy

What future woe
And future joy
May delight you
If you look
Into the pages
Of a book. 

Perhaps a cunning patch and hook
Or a hat that’s been mistook
A Shakespeare play
A shade of gray
A well-dressed hero saves the day
Space age battles fought through time
A small French girl named Madeline
Sir Robins and Fair Guineveres    
Tragic tales that end in tears
Who-done-its, and
Some others you just can’t-get-through-its.
A deft Haiku of untold passion
Encyclopedias of fashion
Gentle giants
Vicious raptors
Eaten in the final chapters

Reading isn’t just for school
Stories love to break the rules
If you never learn to read my friend
You won’t know how the story ends.